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Author Bio

Claudia Casser retired early from antitrust law to fledge her nerdy children on a working horse farm and write speculative fiction. From people to horses to parrots, none of the farm’s denizens could ever be classified as neurotypical.

Author Plea

I have so many stories bubbling inside me, so many questions and people to explore, that I don’t know which to write first. And writing is hard for me, because, as neurodiverse, I don’t know what resonates with other people. Often even my own children find my heroes off-putting or evil, and I struggle to explain why they are not.

And I constantly have to work to break things down, show my assumptions, show my work. I used to leap steps routinely, then be puzzled that others couldn’t see the obvious conclusions. I’ve worked hard at showing all the steps, but I’m still often blind to my skipping.

Which is why I rely on readers to tell me. I edit and re-edit.

But one lifetime is so short. And opportunity cost correspondingly large.

So let me know which of my universes you want me to publish more about first: Heirs, the Three Commandments,  the Flock, or No Child Left Behind.