No Child Left Behind

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I heartily recommend this book to anyone who knows anyone with any type of disability and if the reader likes SF it’s a real bonus.” – Richard Toth (via

I also liked that even though he is like a “savior” character, the novel doesn’t really follow the stereotypical “disabled hero” archetype. Geoff is written as a diverse young man who grapples with both internal and external struggles. He is real.– Jenna Gensic (via

…a poignant, rather ironic tale that captures the feelings of parents of children who are not neurotypical, and the struggle they make for these children to be seen and valued for who they are, not condemned because they are different.” – Lynn C. Sweeney (via

No Child Left Behind

“Weirdo” loner Geoff Moraine would rather die than spend high school in rural West Rock zonked on ADHD drugs or banished to Special Ed.

But then Lord Kemp, the leader of a band of meta-human refugees from a war-torn parallel universe, zaps Geoff’s attorney mom into becoming his “Retainer.”

Now all Mom thinks about is setting up a prep school on Lord Kemp’s estate to hide the “Fulgoran” refugees in plain sight. A school where Geoff and other neurodivergent West Rock kids could get custom-tailored courses. Which sounds like a great idea, if you don’t know Lord Kemp’s friendly tutors are brain-meddling mutants!

As Geoff fights to protect the Special Ed kids, armed only with a hat lined in foil and magnets, he finds allies – and actual friends – in the strangest places.

But those allies and friends reveal perils more dire than the proposed school; evils that threaten the very survival of the Fulgorans, West Rock, and Geoff’s stubborn principles.

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